Pink circle that reads 'Learn Skills to Help Children Succeed in School'
Red circle that reads 'Basic Skills, High School, GED'
Purple circle that reads 'Pre-Apprenticeships'
Dark blue circle that reads 'Adults with Disabilities'
Orange circle that reads 'Career & Technical Education'
Orange circle that reads 'English as a Second Language'
Green circle that reads 'Workforce Entry Reentry'

The State Center Adult Education Consortium connects adult learners 18+ to educational programs and services that assist with seamless transitions into the workforce and/or post-secondary education.

What's New

The State Center Adult Education Consortium hosted a two day working retreat in January of 2015 (1/23/15 – 1/24/15) to expand on the work…

A summit was held to look at the needs of the region regarding Adult Education. The purpose of the summit was to bring everyone together to…